Notes from the flat-workshop

Notes from the flat-workshop

Books, bikes and a sofa

In the last few months, our attic has become our base camp: workshop to get the bikes ready, office to share ideas, gather informations and, as always, old and new friends camping in the little left space.

We told ourselves that it would have been nice to talk about the trip before it started, the way it took shape in our minds and in our chats. We were thinking about a long trip for a long time, we started to make it real since last January, a little bit at a time. Then we got lost, here and there, between the preparation and our jobs.

Now we live in this flat with the clear (and at the same time strange) idea that we are going to spend here just a couple of months more: our stuff to put in boxes, papers to deal with, last things to fix.

Maybe our story couldn’t start other than like this, somehow camped, in a bigger work in progress that happily occupies our heads.

4 thoughts on “Notes from the flat-workshop

  1. May you follow the rainbow to new lands and the pot of gold. If you happen to make it past Mongolia to Melbourne, come and rest at our place.

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