We have a date!

We have a date!

Here we are: we set a date for our departure! On September 25th we are gonna take a ferry from Ancona, Italy, to Zadar, Croatia and we’ll start pedaling from there. Why there? Because that’s where our last bike trip – started in Venice – ended. We wanted to keep going, somehow, from that point on.

At first, we’d wanted to start our trip in Avignon but we have to move out of our apartment in August and I’ll be working in Puglia till September 19th. So starting with a ferry from Italy to Croatia seemed the best plan in the end. It will also allow us to travel through the Balkans at a time when the weather will still be nice.

So… it’s becoming real! The friends we’ve already said goodbye, the empty bookshelves and the boxes piled around tell us the same: it’s becoming real. Thrilling!

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